About SIHO

SIHO Insurance Services

SIHO Insurance Services was founded in 1987 by local employers, hospitals and physicians to provide a solution to rising health care costs for local businesses. SIHO is now a dominant employee health care benefits company, providing health plans to any size business.

SIHO Headquarters

As a comprehensive health care organization, SIHO Insurance Services provides any type of health plan a business may desire. On the leading edge of employee health benefits, SIHO provides claims administration, pre-certification, case management, concurrent review, utilization review, member services, benefit consulting, a national pharmacy network and a comprehensive network of hospitals and physicians in one facility.

SIHO’s Vision/Mission/Values

Integrated Delivery System

SIHO Insurance Services provides integrated delivery of quality health care through a system local to our communities and unified in its operations and technology. SIHO Insurance Services was created nearly two decades ago as a collaborative and cooperative effort of community parties which have an interest in the quality and efficiency of health care delivery: the hospitals, physicians, employers and citizens.

These functions include the following:
  • Medical Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Managed Pharmacy Program
  • Network Services
  • Plan Features
  • Account Management
  • Client Services
  • Employer Benefits

SIHO Insurance Services' success in providing quality health care to employees at an affordable cost to employers has resulted in continuous growth.

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